Tuesday, May 29, 2012

So little time

I have so many ideas lately for different projects, but I just haven't had the time to start any of them! I have a couple hat orders I've been working on in between chasing around my rambunctious, crawling/prewalking 7month old.
Ya. That's my life

I did manage to set up a  Craftsy account and have been having some fun with that. I can post my projects for free and also list and sell patterns, if I want to, free of charge!

I'm in love.

I also purchased Crochet Stitches Visual Encyclopedia for my kindle the other day and holy cow! There are so many awesome stitches I'm dying to put to use! I just can't get over how beautiful crochet can be as I flip through the pages and see so many amazing stitch patterns and the way the book lays out the patterns for every stitch is awesome and so easy to understand! You really can learn visually! And there is even an entire chapter dedicated to Tunisian crochet! I think I'll start working on an afghan sampling some different stitches explained in the book. 

And to add to my ever growing list of things I'll *eventually* get around to I'm planning my Christmas projects . I asked my 70something grandma today if she would like me to crochet her something for Christmas and her response was "Yes......But not a boob" OMG Apparently Grandma saw the Boobie Beanie Tutorial! LOL 

Grandma is not the biggest fan of Boobie Beanies

She then proceeded to tell me that she might like a boob warmer though....ummm? hahaha Oh grandma....
Anyway, I hope to have some new projects to show off soon! Perhaps even a stitch or two to brag about! A boob warmer?? Probably not.

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