Monday, May 21, 2012

Beard Me

Beard anyone??? A few months ago while I was laying in bed, well after everyone else in the house was asleep, browsing the internet on my phone  for crochet inspiration ... I happen to stumble up on a picture of something truly magnificent... What? you might ask... I will tell you but be prepared to let out a chuckle!
This picture I found was of a Crochet Bearded Beanie! Right then I decided that I NEEDED to make one of these, but of course life happens and it was put off for a while until a couple days ago when this facial hair fantastico struck me again (yes I just said fantastico). I found a pattern online, but it just wasn't beard enough for my liking  ... so I went to work and made my own! and ladies and gentlemen here I present you with the Bearded Beanie  
Tada! here the beard is buttoned to both sides of the beanie

I made this one to fit my 7mo son and of course he is currently on a modeling strike thanks to teething! so you must use your imagination and picture this on a baby face... ( made you smile!)  

buttoned to one side

I made the hat with buttons sewn on the inside so that you can button the beard on and off. The buttons are small and don't seem to bother my son. There he is bellow happily modeling the hat portion, but when it came to modeling the beard he proceeded to voice his opinion of 7 month olds being forced to have facial hair.  

happy boy!

And below... I couldn't help myself.... 

Now just picture his cute face underneath this beard and not mine.... see it's awesome right!? Not that I'm not going to make myself one of these bad boys!

See the teeth!

Anyway now that we've all had a chuckle I must get back to work making more of these things because they are awesome and that is enough reason to make more. Maybe once the cute, happy, model decides to return from beard strike you will be able to see a picture of him with facial yarn... We can only hope! If you would like one of these made for yourself or someone else beard worthy then don't hesitate to email me with  your order! I'd love to make you one! 

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